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3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium

Do you use LinkedIn to promote your business and services online?

Have you considered using a Premium LinkedIn account?

LinkedIn has always been a social media platform designed to help professionals promote themselves and their businesses online.

Though having a LinkedIn account is FREE, having a premium LinkedIn account has huge advantages.


Here are 3 reasons why you should consider upgrading to a premium LinkedIn account.

  • You get to see who viewed your profile

Knowing who viewed your profile is a huge thing, especially for digital marketers, since it will give you a chance to get possible leads or customers. Chances are, the people who viewed your profile might be people who want to do business with you or are interested on getting your services or products.

Once you’ve determined and categorised the people who viewed your profile, you can immediately send them a message or a connection request. Take some time every week to check it out. What I do is I usually send them a message like this:

“I’ve noticed that you’ve viewed my LinkedIn profile. In any case, if you have any question regarding digital marketing, feel free to let me know. I’d be glad to get in touch with you. Cheers!”

linkedin premium

  • InMail is a great way to reach out

One of the best perks of having a premium LinkedIn account would be the ability to use InMail. It allows you to send messages to people even if you’re not connected on LinkedIn. Every month, you could send out 25 InMails which is a great way to get in touch with digital influencers in your industry.


linkedin premium

  • Advanced search is your friend.

Being able to use LinkedIn’s advanced search is like having a friend who has lots of connections.

It allows you to do very specific search for the type of people you like to connect with.

If you are a marketer or a business owner, then having a premium LinkedIn account is a must just for this feature alone.

You could specify your search based on these criteria:

  1. Keywords
  2. Title
  3. Name
  4. Company
  5. Location

As a business owner, you could use LinkedIn to search for new prospects or leads in your area and send them a connection request right away.

Another thing that I love about a premium LinkedIn account would be the ability to set Saved Searches.

With Saved Searches, you don’t need to redo your search.

Usually with a free account you could only do 3 saved searches but with a premium one you get to have 7.

What Saved Search does is notify you whenever new people fall into those criteria that you search for.

Technically, it’s like LinkedIn feeding you with FREE possible leads or customers.


linkedin premium 2


LinkedIn is a valuable tool for marketers, professionals, entrepreneurs and more. As long as you are promoting a business or service online, it could greatly help you in one way or another.

By having a premium LinkedIn account, you could get access to tons of features that would make your digital marketing activities way easier and more effective.

I highly suggest getting one.

Do you have any question about having a premium LinkedIn account?

Let us know by writing it on the comment section below.


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