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5 Steps To Creating A Social Media Strategy

A good social media strategy plan can create a huge impact on your business. However, for a lot of business owners, social media can be a bit overwhelming because of its very vague scope. In order to avoid confusion, it is highly important to have a well-planned social media strategy.

With a social media strategy, you will be able to determine whether your social media campaigns are working or not.

At the same time, it allows you to do some adjustments to better leverage social media to your advantage.

Here are some key points to have a well-established social media strategy.

Know your target audience

Even before conceptualising your business, you have to determine who your target audience is. Find out the statistical demographics of your audience such as age, gender, interests and location.

You have to put yourself in their shoes and find out what they need and what are their problems that your business could find a solution for. This should be the main foundation of your social media strategy.

Create valuable content

Digital marketing is not just about launching ad campaigns. In order to stay longer in the game, you have to consistently create relevant and useful content. You can do this by creating blog posts on your site. Blog posts are the key to improve your niche authority and branding.

Find out what kind of information your target audience needs and create a blog post out of it. One way of doing this is by asking them directly what their common problems are.

For example, if you’re selling pet products. You may want to create a blog post that provides information on dog training or the types of food that are not allowed for dogs. Remember, the center of a good social media strategy is putting out more value for your target audience.

Go where your target audience is at

Sure, you want to be all over the web. However, this can be counterproductive on your end. I suggest to focus only on social media channels where your target audience spends a huge portion of their time on.

Not everyone has an account on all social media platforms.

For example, if you’re a coffee shop that caters to millennials, then I suggest you focus on social media channels that elicit engagement from visual content like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Remember, a good social media strategy is very specific. Don’t waste your time on other social media channels if it won’t help you get leads anyway.

Have a way to measure your success

Having a regular assessment of your social media campaigns is extremely important and it is vital for any social media strategy.

There are tons of social media analytic tools online that you could try out. They can help you get a bigger picture of what’s going on and provide you with a detailed analysis on all your social media efforts. They can provide you with information regarding audience reach, engagement, traffic and even conversions.

Create a backup plan

Any social media strategy should always have a backup plan. It will serve as a contingency plan just in case any of your current social media plan doesn’t generate as much result as expected.

When creating a social media strategy, you have to take in consideration a lot of factors. If you still feel confused, feel free to get in touch with us or download our FREE digital marketing guide.


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