6 Ways To Boost Your Facebook Page’s Organic Reach

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Facebook’s organic reach is dying, that’s the harsh reality. That means fewer people are going to see your posts and engagement is going down as well. 


Facebook defines organic reach as “how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page.” When Facebook Page was new,  the organic reach was around 16% of your fan base. This percentage dropped to 6% in 2014 and further dropped to 2% in 2016. If your Page has 100,000 fans, this means that your post will only be seen by around 2000 people.

The decline in Facebook’s organic reach can be attributed to 2 things. First, there’s just too many contents being published every minute. Second, Facebook’s algorithm has changed in such a way that it shows posts that are more relevant to the readers.

This drop in organic reach has pained a lot of Facebook marketers and business owners. Most especially the small business owners who have no budget to run ads or boosted posts.

So we’ve come up with this list to help small business owners to maximise that 2%. These Facebook strategies will help you reach more people without having to pay for ads.

  1. Switch to targeted and selective posts. Instead of posting several updates per day and just hoping your fans will see them, you can try creating posts that target specific parts of your target audience. For example, if you’re running a Facebook page on beauty, you can segment your audience according to age. So you can create posts for the young, the not-so-young and for the older fans. This way, there is a higher chance that fans will interact with the posts that are relevant to them.
  2. Do not automate everything. Post updates that show human touch. For example, you can post about your employees or you can post pictures of company events.
  3. Push out more video posts. Facebook loves videos. This is obvious since the autoplay feature has been released, followed by the public view counts. Facebook pages who are heavy on video did not experience a decline in organic reach. On the other hand, their organic reach continues to increase because of video.
  4. Be more social. Not all of your posts should be about selling your products or services. 80% of your posts should be social and designed towards building a community. Who would want to interact with a page who only posts about its products? Your Facebook page should encourage interaction among its audience.
  5. Post when your competitors are not posting. Take advantage of the time when your competitors are asleep. Check what time they are usually posting and schedule your updates when they are not posting. Your chances of appearing on your fans’ Newsfeed is higher because other Facebook pages are not posting updates during this time.
  6. Post content with humor, inspiration and educational value. These are the components that make Facebook posts interesting. People want to interact with funny and valuable posts. Get your creative juices to work and think of posts that your fans will love. Think outside the box.

Facebook marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. With these tips, you are sure to reach and engage with more people with your posts. But if you have a budget, you can also consider doing Facebook ads or boosting posts. They’re not that expensive anyway.


For more Facebook marketing tips, send me a message or comment below.


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