Pokemon Go for Local Business Owners

Have you noticed groups of people walking around looking at their smartphones as if they’re looking for something precious?

Chances are they’re playing a widely popular game called Pokemon Go.

It is a mobile game created by Niantic and the Pokemon company that has surprisingly skyrocketed and captivated millions of people worldwide.

It has become a phenomenon for kids and adults alike.

After its soft release over the past few weeks, Pokemon Go is now worth $29 billion based on Nintendo’s stock price jump which is just a fraction compared to the revenue that comes with in-app purchases.

That’s how big it is!

Still skeptic?

According to business Insider, Pokemon Go is already bigger than Tinder and is about to overtake Twitter.

Yes, that’s how big it is.

Just look at these group of people panicking because a rare Pokemon just popped up in Central Park.

So how does Pokemon Go work?

First, let’s talk about Pokemon in general. Pokemon is a hit cartoon series that started in the 90’s.

It’s about a kid (Ash) who wanted to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world.

A Pokemon is a creature that possesses various abilities – from generating electricity to generating gusts of wind. There are various types of Pokemon and each of them have their own individual characteristics and abilities.

pokemon go sydney

As a Pokemon trainer, Ash goes around the world collecting various types of Pokemon and training them. Some of these Pokemon even evolve,  making them stronger.

Pokemon Go works almost the same way. It is a FREE mobile app that you can download from the Apple store or Android store.

Once you’ve downloaded the game, you get to choose your first Pokemon and start your journey towards becoming the best Pokemon trainer in the world.

The app uses your phone’s GPS together with augmented reality to let you know whenever a certain Pokemon is nearby.

This means that in order to catch more Pokemon, you really have to go out of your house and do some walking.

With your phone’s camera, you could actually see a Pokemon under your chair, on your bed, on top of someone’s head and even in the public toilet.

You’ll just never know where they’ll pop up.

So why am I talking to you about this mobile phenomenon?

It’s because Pokemon Go could greatly help boost your local store’s sales!

As more people are now going out of their homes looking for Pokemon to catch, local stores, restaurants, food stalls and even pubs are getting more foot traffic than ever before just by some simple in-app purchases and clever marketing campaigns.

So how can Pokemon Go help local businesses?

  1. Lure people into your shop.

Pokemon Go lures are like candies in the Hansel and Gretel story. Pokemon lures are in-app purchases that you could use to lure Pokemon. The moment you turn your Pokemon lure inside your store, just wait for a huge number of people going in.

Buying a Pokemon lure is way cheaper than your newspaper ad and it is at least three times more effective when it comes to attracting new customers.


  1. Your store could already be a Pokemon heaven

There are certain locations worldwide that were assigned as a Pokemon Gym or a PokeStop.

Some of these locations are quite weird like a Hell’s Angel Motorcycle Club, a graveyard and even a car on the roof. It just gets weirder.

But of course there are some normal locations where you could actually find a Pokemon Gym or a PokeStop.

If your store is one of these locations, then I suggest you capitalise on it fast!


  1. Add some clever marketing campaign

Aside from using Pokemon lure, you could also do some clever marketing campaign to take advantage of the huge numbers of people going Pokemon hunting.

Here are some great stories from other local stores according to Venture Beat (dot) com.

  • A pizza bar in Manhattan called L’inizio created Pokemon-themed pizzas. Aside from that they invested $10 investment on lures which lead to 30% on sales in both food and drink throughout the weekend.
  • Another store that sells indie clothes also lured people inside their shop with a Pokemon themed sign outside.
  • A café in Larenceville, Pennsylvania also noticed the increase on the number of people visiting their shop and started giving out 10% discount to anyone who has the Pokemon app.
  • The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden like many museums have been encouraging people to visit after recognising that their location is filled with Pokestops. In one of their reports, 60% of their visitors on a specific day were Pokemon Go players.

Whether Pokemon Go is just trend or the next big thing, as an entrepreneur you should take advantage of any opportunity to boost your business.

If you’re interested in exploring how Pokemon Go can help your business let us know by contacting us.


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