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The combination Of Digital PR & SEO is important for a successful digital marketing strategy. The personal branding of both your business and yourself, how your business is seen and represented online is extremely important today for both the search engines and your business.

The Mergence of Digital PR & SEO

With Google’s constant algorithm updates, the search engine is becoming more and more human like. The days of just throwing in a few keyswords and ranking well in the search engines are over. Google is now understanding content like never seen before. This is why the importance of combining the many facets of digital marketing with SEO is now crucial to your business’ success online.

A Complete Understanding Of Your Business

It is important to us as a company to listen closely and work with your business’ needs and objectives  to understand the direction in which you wish to take your business. This allows us to create the perfectly, holistic development of a digital strategy with the main focus being to increase your Search Engine ranking as well converting traffic for you.

First-Identify Your Business Goals

By understanding your business and with your input, we establish goals and clear objectives in which we then base our SEO strategy upon.


Identification of Your Target Market

We discover where your future customers are browsing, reading and hanging out online.


Message and Positioning

Following the identification of your business needs and your target market, we then construct content which displays your businesses messages for each particular media. Whether it be guest posts, press releases, image galleries, blogs, recipes or whatever content your business requires we will create it for you.

Outreach, Pitching and Placing

Here is the crucial step in this strategy. This is where all the handwork occurs. Crafting the perfect pitch in order to have our content placed can take time and a lot of relationship building on our behalf. However once your piece of content goes live with a backlink and your message we see all the magic happen.


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